Thursday 22, Apr 2021
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Cook Children Hospital

Cook Children Hospital

Interview with Dr. Pamela Sherman

?Dr. Pamela Sherman International Medical director of Cook children Health care, tell us about your goals and objectives for the hospital in 2020

.My objective as a director is to continue to support the program established and have Cook Present in the international community

?What is your role exactly as an International Medical director

.I actually interact with the international team who is doing all the intake of patients and I help interface by viewing the cases and finding the correct physician support

.I link the other physicians to the cases and help them to handle what they are asked for and guide them

?What was the most difficult situation you have faced in your career at Cook Hospital

The hardest thing is the recognition that we are a free standing pediatric institution without an academic affiliation and we are very good at what we do but we are very quiet on how we do it. One of the challenges is demonstrating how we care for the patients on the high level that we provide of researches and interactive care while showing the medical community whether in the US or abroad our abilities. We have a very high level of intensive care unit and high level sub-specialty care with cardiovascular surgeries. We have more than 1 M and a half visits’ encounters each year for this small hospital and we are rapidly growing within our own area. In Texas, we care for lots of patients outside this area which is not different as caring for a community across the ocean and people appreciate that we have that level of care

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